Your Smartphone – a window into your home the new generation of Smart Home Automation, you can integrate your home security system and access control system into your home automation design. This can not only provide the ultimate in security but also bring a new level of convenience to your lifestyle.

Image the scenario…..

You arrive home and as you press the first button the main gates slide open, pressing the second opens the door to the garage, the third button deactivates your home security and finally the fourth releases the access door into the home simultaneously switching on lighting, heating and closing the blinds – All at the touch of a button.

Access Control

From a simple gate station integrated to a phone system to a complex managed and monitored multi-entry system, the options are endless but an experienced installer of access control systems will be able to give you advice and allow you to customise the solution that best suits you with total security, within your budget and requirements in terms of  providing you with ease of operation.

Operated via your Smart Phone, or a combination of integrated keyfobs and proximity readers, your system would allow you to activate lighting, security systems, the gate or the front door from your audio visual remote or even to activate any lighting control panel in the home.

Home Security

This kind of integrated system obviously gives you peace of mind and safety but did you know it can also save you money on the premiums for your home insurance? A local survey by suggests that such savings can be not insignificant.

Lighting can also be programmed with an “Away” mode to supplement the core security system, generating random lighting scenes throughout the evening to give the home a lived in look whilst unoccupied.

By installing CCTV, remote cameras and sensors can give you in-house and remote monitoring of the connected home. Whilst we would all be familiar with a system that gives you the facility to monitor rooms from any TV screen in the home, the new generation allow you to view these same cameras from anywhere in the world in real time via the internet or your Smart Phone, literally providing you with a window into your home.

With a system like this coming home will always be a pleasure.